You dream of evenings relaxing in a warm, fragrant bath, a glass of wine in hand, and cucumber slices over your eyes as you soak your stress away…



It DOES sound amazing, but how can you relax when your bathroom is outdated, dingy, and dreary?



If you’re current bathroom design (or lack thereof!) is bringing you down, and you’re dreaming of creating a gorgeous, soothing bathroom that you can use as your own at-home spa, it’s completely achievable! Read on for some changes you can make to create your dream spa bathroom!


Clear the Clutter

Bottles of toiletries, shaving tools, hair dryers – all of this stuff that is lying around your bathroom is the easiest and often most effective step to take toward creating your spa bathroom. Clean out expired items or items you haven’t used in six months or more. Then, store your bottles, cosmetics, and accessories that you keep in neat baskets in a bathroom closet or in the vanity where you can keep it out of sight but in easy reach.


If you want your hand soaps and lotions out, pour them into attractive hand pumps instead of keeping them in their branded bottles. Store cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other toiletry items in clear or tinted transparent apothecary jars or small woven baskets on a natural wooden shelf in your bathroom as a practical, attractive accessory.


Luxury Linens in Crisp White

When you treat yourself to a spa day, you see stacks of plush, white, luxuriously soft towels while wrapping yourself in a soft, warm robe. These just evoke feelings of cleanliness, warmth, and comfort, and again, this is such an easy step to take in your own bathroom!


Consider purchasing luxurious towels, washcloths, and bath sheets as an investment in your mental health! Wrapping yourself in high-quality linens is the ultimate in self-care, though if you want to take it to the next level, have a heated towel rack installed and never shiver in your bathroom again. While you can select any color you prefer, bright white just feels clean and refreshing, especially against a softer, neutral color palette.


Bring in Greenery and Nature

Sophisticated, delicate orchids, lush bromeliads, verdant aloe, and vibrant snake plants – while you may not know these plants by name, they’re some of the most popular plants used in spas to cleanse the air and add soothing beauty to the scenery.


Adding plants and greenery to your bathroom is an amazing way to add a spa-like feel while providing air purifying qualities, subtle fragrance, and bright pops of color that don’t overwhelm or clash with the decor. Even if your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light, the humid air and warmth work beautifully for these varieties of houseplants.



Use their containers to add to the spa scene by potting them in bamboo containers, cool stone pots, or mosaic glass tiles in soft shades of blue!



Natural, Functional Accessories


From bath mats to trays, you’ll want to accessorize your bathroom with natural materials. Wood, especially bamboo or teak, is a great option for bath mats as they are easy to keep clean.



High-quality, woven baskets are perfect for storing extra linens while being pretty enough to leave out, while essential oil diffusers and candle holders in wood add subtle beauty when they infuse your at-home spa with your favorite fragrance!


Soft, Customizable Lighting

No spa has ever surrounded a mirror with harsh bulbs or relied on dome covers for lighting. At least, no spa worth its certification! Lighting plays an enormous part in how soothing and restful your bathroom is.


First and perhaps, most importantly, if you have natural lighting, use it! Remove heavy window coverings while keeping your privacy by replacing them with frosted or etched glass. There are even window film overlays made to look like decorative or frosted glass you can easily cut to fit your window to let soft sunlight in without giving your neighbor an eyeful!



If you need to rely on artificial lighting in your bathroom, don’t just settle on one light source. Different activities require different lighting. You may want soft lighting while relaxing in a tub, but when you’re getting ready in the morning, you may need brighter light. Wall-mounted lights near your dressing area will add light brightness, while overhead recessed or pendant lights, such as this natural woven pendant lamp, can set the spa scene.


Soothing Color Palette

Probably the biggest and most effective impact you can have when you design your bathroom is choosing a color scheme that is soothing and natural. You’ll want to avoid reds, oranges, and yellows, as those are energizing, and most spas select calming colors. While many bathrooms go with an all-white look, from white tile on the floor, crisp white paint, and white fixtures, that may actually be a bit too bright and sterile.


Instead, consider a palette that includes:



Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of redesigning a bathroom on your own? Not a problem! Reach out to Interior Design by Tiffany for experienced, professional design assistance. I can work with you to select the perfect colors, accessories, fabrics, and more to transform your bathroom into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of having! Contact me today to schedule your consultation!



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