Organize Your Entire Home with Three Things!
Organize Your Entire Home with Three Things!

Organize Your Entire Home with Three Things!


Do you ever instinctively duck or flinch when you have to open a cabinet, knowing you’re about to have approximately 4,000 Tupperware lids rain down on you or the lid to your Instant Pot fall on your toe? Are you tired of shoving towels and sheets into a tiny cupboard only to have them all dump out when you try to pull out one? If you needed to find your insurance policy, could you do it without emptying every drawer in your house?



If you’re responding with a heavy sigh, you’re not alone. Some days, rather than dealing with organizing or cleaning stuff out, you’re looking longingly at a box of matches and wondering if you still have that bottle of lighter fluid from that barbecue two years ago. I get it.



But before you burn down everything you own, what if I told you that you only needed three types of items to create beautiful organized spaces in every room in your home? It’s true! If you have beautiful baskets, simple glass jars, and floating shelves, you can transform your home in no time. Let’s go room-by-room with some ideas!


Add Soft Coziness and Convenience to Your Living Room

While the living room itself is often not an unorganized mess, it’s what we hide from the living room that creates clutter. For example, how many throw blankets are taking up space in your linen closet that then have to be folded back up and put away after every use? Instead, use a large basket to keep rolled throw blankets by a comfortable chair. You’ll free up space while adding warmth and coziness to your space.


Small baskets are great for simple, attractive organization. I love to keep a few small baskets on the bottom shelf of a coffee table to hold magazines and remote controls. If you have an entryway by your living room, add a floating shelf over a coat rack or hooks and line up small baskets for each member of the family. They can be used to store gloves, hats, and even keys to make getting out the door a snap!


Create a Picture-Perfect Kitchen

When you open your pantry or cabinets and see a mish-mash of half-full cereal boxes, pasta boxes, leaking bags of flour, and a dumped over canister of oatmeal, you may think you’ll never have one of the lovely, clean pantries you see in magazines. However, change out old boxes and bags for uniform, neatly labelled glass jars to store dry items like flour, cereal, and sugar and see what a difference it makes! Small spice jars are perfect for spices, baking soda, and baking powder, while tidy baskets keep small items like sauce packets, bags of chocolate chips, and small, awkward items neat and easy to find!

Struggling with cabinet and drawer space in your kitchen? There are easy fixes to this, too that don’t require a kitchen renovation! I love the look of these utensils held in painted jars, and floating shelves make it easy to display everything from your favorite cookbooks to your favorite dishes. Maximize your space by installing hooks on the bottom to hang pots and pans or your favorite coffee mugs.  

A Beautiful Bathroom in Minutes

Your vanity space is overflowing with bottles and packages, the towels are halfway across the house, and all the cotton balls came out of the bag and are all over the bottom of the bathroom cabinet covered in mystery gunk.


Not for long, though! Replace the gross hand soap and lotion bottles with pretty glass jars with pump tops, and use additional glass jars to store your cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other single-use toiletry items. Install floating shelves over your towel rack or over the toilet to hold your neat jars for simple accessibility that also looks clean and fresh!



Keep small cosmetics and toiletries you use everyday in a small, slim basket by the vanity. No counter space? I love this idea of turning narrow baskets into open shelving! Solve the towel problem by grabbing a large woven basket and roll your towels up for a pretty, convenient display. Guests will appreciate easy access without having to ask for towels, and you’ll appreciate the free space in your linen closet!


Clear the Mess Off Your Desk

Office spaces and desks are usually a disaster of paperwork, supplies, and general junk. This clutter makes it hard to get work done, even though that’s the whole point of the space! Alright, we know what to do though, don’t we?


Install floating shelves above your desk, assuming your desk is against a wall. If the narrow side is against the wall, look for shelves the same width and go two or three shelves high. This keeps everything easy to access and within reach. Keep the stuff off your desk by putting an inbox and outbox baskets on one shelf so you can sort mail and paperwork easily. Keep one shelf for binders that hold copies of important paperwork and get rid of clunky filing cabinets. Finally, keep up with all your office supplies by lining your drawers with small, slim baskets.



Don’t Let Bedroom Mess Keep You Up at Night


The bedroom is one of the trickiest places to organize but it feels amazing to have a tidy, organized, beautiful bedroom! Nightstands are often bigger than we need them to be and end up taking up a lot of usable space in the bedroom. Install a wall sconce on each side of the bed for lighting, put up a floating shelf for books and a glass of water at night, and keep a basket beneath it for items like your glasses, and you’ll have a gorgeous look! Meanwhile, keep an extra basket to use as a beautiful hamper to store dirty clothes! Much more attractive than a mesh bag hanging over the door or a plastic basket, and definitely better than leaving your clothes on the floor, right?


I love the versatility and function of floating shelves, baskets, and simple glass jars. They work well with nearly any decor, from minimalist to farmhouse chic! For more simple, fun, and functional design tips, subscribe to our newsletter! We’ll bring you great new information every week!

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