From Restful to Regal, Bring Purple into Your Home!
From Restful to Regal, Bring Purple into Your Home!

From Restful to Regal, Bring Purple into Your Home!

For the first part of our newest design series, “Color Your World,” I wanted to focus on purple. Not only was Ultraviolet Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, it’s such a versatile color depending on the shade. Despite how lovely purple can be in the home, most people are wary of using it, afraid it will make a room seem tacky, garish, or overly girly. However, with the right shades or purple in the right places, you can transform a boring or blah room into a bold and vibrant, romantic, or soothing and sophisticated space!

Emotional Connections to Purple

Every color has emotions and connections to it, and purple is no different. Lavender, lilac, and wisteria are all soft, pale shades of purple that most people find calming and soothing while being a warmer option than blue. Living areas and bedrooms are the most common choices for light purple, but it looks beautiful throughout the home. 


 Darker purples such as violet or eggplant are more associated with wisdom, sophistication, and creativity. While painting an entire room deep royal purple may feel a bit overwhelming, it can actually create a beautiful backdrop in a library or office. It also makes an amazing accent color against gray, white, or pale blue. 


Let’s explore some stylish shades of purple and how to use them in your home!


One of the most common shades of purple in home design is lavender, a lovely pale purple that can range from vibrant to soft. Lavender is truly versatile and can look just as good in a baby’s nursery, a master bedroom, or a living room. Because it’s very soothing and relaxing, this can even work in a master bath to create a spa-like feel!


Coordinate with navy blue fabrics for a cozy bedroom, cool gray tile and white linens in the bath, or liven up a living room with sky blue accents and charcoal gray upholstery! 


Lavender paint we love:

Lily Lavender by Benjamin Moore

Wallflower by Sherwin Williams

Amethyst Sky by Benjamin Moore


Gray-Toned Purple

Soft, romantic, and soothing, a gray-toned purple is perfect for anyone who wants a space that is neutral but far from boring! From pale grays with just a hint of lavender undertones to rich violet-grays, these colors can work throughout your home. 


Imagine a kitchen with cool gray-purple walls, white cabinets, and gray marble countertops or a gorgeous master bath with crisp white tile!  A warm gray-toned purple is more suited for a den, home office, or bedroom. 


Consider contrasting cool gray-purple with white, icy blues, and gray, while warmer tones are stunning with sand, cream, and taupe. 


Gray-toned purples we love:

Exclusive Plum by Sherwin Williams (a warm shade that is both rich and cozy)

Porcelain by Benjamin Moore (a perfect blend of lavender and warm gray)

Early Crocus by Behr (cool, barely there color that is perfect for a bathroom or kitchen)



Make a statement in your home with bold, vibrant violet! If you’re looking to spark creativity in your home studio or office, or you want to highlight a gallery wall, a violet backdrop is a gorgeous solution. While most people may find violet too intense to paint an entire room, especially a bedroom or kitchen, consider using it as an accent to add bright pops of color.


To add a royal feel to your home with violet, consider pairing violet with gold or brass accessories. Lean in to energetic, exciting color by adding splashes of aqua blue, or mellow out your purple with black, grays, and white. 


Violet paint we love:

Gentle Violet by Benjamin Moore (a vivid, saturated tone with an almost velvety look)

Majestic Violet by Benjamin Moore (a bold, pure violet) 

Iris Bliss by Benjamin Moore (a pale, cool violet shade)



Not just for birthstones, amethyst purple is a beautiful blend of blue, purple, and gray. Because it’s a more muted tone than violet, it’s easier to make a bigger statement without being over the top, making this a delightful option for an entryway or living area. Amethyst can also provide a welcome change of pace in bathrooms and kitchens, especially against cool white cabinetry and tile.


Bring out the shades of your amethyst tones with accents in deep, saturated blue, gray, or even create a contrast with more red-toned purple. Feel free to use pure, vivid colors against amethyst or even bright white furnishings.


Amethyst colors we love:

Vesper Violet by Sherwin Williams (a blue-gray amethyst)

Whisper by Benjamin Moore (like it’s name suggests, this is a whisper of amethyst)

Amethyst Shadow by Benjamin Moore  (a deep, saturated tone)



Traditionally, plum calls to mind plush surroundings and old-world luxury, and while you can absolutely create that feel today, plum has become much more versatile. Ranging in shades from almost black to a pale rosy-purple blend, plum can be ultra-glamorous to downright conservative, depending on how you use it. Plum can also be very earthy and grounding, making it perfect for bedrooms, libraries, and living areas. 


Embrace the warmth of plum by pairing it with cream, olive, or beige, or create a cool, modern feel with deep teal, cool white, and icy blues.


Plum colors we love: 

Carter Plum by Benjamin Moore (a warm, rich shade of red and purple)

Dark Purple by Benjamin Moore (a dark, ultra-saturated purple)

Kalamata by Benjamin Moore (velvety, soft blend with earthy undertones)


As you can see, if you’re ready to make the jump to infusing purple into your home, you have nearly endless options to choose from. If you’re not sure where to get started or simply don’t have the time, reach out to me at Homes by Tiffany for an interior design consultation. 


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