Hello, hello, hello! As I’m writing this, it’s the beginning of September which means FALL is here – Yay! Pumpkin spice latte for me, please. Except I’m in southern California, so I need to get that on ice because it’s still HOT!



So, if I can’t revel in changing leaves and soft sweaters, I can at least embrace the fall colors, which I’m SO excited about because I am all about ORANGE right now. Not only am I loving it, but orange is making a HUGE splash in interior design.


In the beginning of the year, cantaloupe orange, a pale, almost pastel orange, was being used often in design, and it was lovely. Especially for pops of color in an overly neutral space. But when Pantone released their trending color palettes, which featured bold, vibrant colors, I was over the moon! And I was even happier to see deep, moody blues paired with vibrant oranges in the color palette they named Resourceful.



Note: One of my first BIG projects in design school I paired deep blue and orange, and it looked scrumptious. I’ve had a soft spot for blues and oranges paired together ever since!



Sparking creativity, promoting optimism, and creating joy, orange is perfect color for an office or studio, living space, kitchen, or playroom! Orange is so bold and vibrant, it can often scare DIY decorators because a little can go a VERY long way when it’s not used correctly. That’s where I come in, though. I’m going to share my secrets of exactly how to use orange in a way that creates the exact feel you want, from sophisticated to playful.



My FAVORITE Shades of Orange


These are some of my favorite shades of orange paint to use in homes. Even if you don’t want to paint an entire room orange, pick up these paint chips to inspire your accessories, paint your side tables or repurpose a desk, match fabrics, and more!


  • Orange Sky by Benjamin Moore – a brilliant yellow orange that’s the perfect shade of early sunset, this versatile color works as well in Chinoiserie theme as it does in mid-century modern space!

  • Autumn Orange by Benjamin Moore – warm, earthy, and but never dull, this can hold up just as well with moss green and chocolate brown as it does with bright yellow and sky blue!

  • Startling Orange by Benjamin Moore – this name suits this ultra-saturated, vivid orange. Skip the traditional red in the dining room and use this brilliant orange instead!

  • Party Peach by Benjamin Moore – if you want a lighter, candy-peach color to add some whimsy to your space, this peach has just enough of a creamy color to keep it from being too sherbet-y.

  • Earthly Russet by Benjamin Moore – The perfect blend of brown and orange, this brick-tone is more intimate and warming than energizing, making it great for small, cozy spaces!



The Rules of Orange


Okay, first things first, there are no set rules to using orange. It’s not like white shoes after Labor Day, you can use it however appeals to you. Buuuuuuut, if you truly want to create a blissful space, and I know you do, here are a few steps to get started.

  • What mood do you want to set? If you want an ultra-energizing, creative space, a sunshine orange is perfect! But if you want a cozier, warm tone, go with a more brown-toned, terra cotta color.

  • What is the space used for? If it’s a small space that doesn’t get much light, use orange as an accent so it’s not overly stimulating or overpowering.

  • What other colors do you want to add? Depending on the color of orange, it works with virtually every color in the spectrum. Saturated orange with navy – irresistible. Citrus orange with hot pink – divine! Brick with beige – Exquisite. Play around with some color palettes and discover what sticks out to you!


Take It Outside!



Welcome your guests with a charming bright orange door that stands out and makes a statement without being garish. This look works perfectly if you’ve got a white, navy, or black exterior and want to differentiate your house from the rest of the block! I love how in this picture the green pots flanking the door and the black exterior lights provide contrast without clashing!  The door is the STAR of the show here!


A Little Bite of Orange


If you’re a little terrified at the thought of using orange as a main color, brighten up your current space with accents of orange! Then, if you LOVE it (and you totally will!) you can add some more, or if you like the simple pops of orange, you’re good to go!





I adore how the icy blue of this bedroom is immediately warmed up with the orange and white blanket on the bed! Without it, the space would feel cold and sterile, but just that one bright, bold accent changes the whole space!






Okay, you know the breakfast nook is my favorite spot in the house, so I mayyyyyy be a little biased, but isn’t this space a delight? The pale blue fabric on the banquette and the creamy vanilla on the wall are lovely, but those orange pillows, vase of orange flowers, and the orange chairs just add so much more personality and life! Otherwise, this nook would be pretty, but ultimately, kind of forgettable. And can we take a moment to admire that table?





If you want to go bold but you’re not sure about going bold with orange, go with a deep, rich, navy blue and accent with orange! I love how this office carries the orange from the desk to the wall to the bookshelves to tie the whole room together, without overpowering the deep blue. The same can be said with the white – I LOVE how the white chandelier and the white accents lighten the room! The whole space feels sophisticated without being stuffy.



Here are some other ways to introduce orange without going too crazy with it!




Take the Plunge into Orange


Ready to really lean into orange?




Orange in the kitchen makes a bold, exciting statement! While a rug or pottery adds pops of cheer, think about going BIG by painting your cabinets! I know, “Slow down, Tiffany!” But even if you just want to paint the cabinet door facings or the bottom cabinets, it’s brilliant if you want to create a fun, retro kitchen your guests will adore!




What about the bedroom? Is orange too energizing for the bedroom? Remember, it’s all in how you use it! This bright bedroom looks so comfy, don’t you just want to surrender to that bedding? See, the key is balance. There is so much white throughout the space, especially in the pristine rug, that it balances the orange and doesn’t feel overbearing or overwhelming. It feels fun, but not chaotic. If you’re unsure, use a more muted shade or a peachy-toned orange though in your bedroom for a more refined, restful look.





Finally, the living room. The place where you go to rest and relax, entertain your guests, and show off your style. I LOVE how this room uses a bright orange on the wall and pairs it with orange patterned curtains, but instead of carrying orange through the room, where it would be WAY too much, the designer chose neutral, soft colors to provide a more soothing, relaxed vibe. From the white lamp to the charcoal and white rug, the room is enhanced by the orange but isn’t drowned out by it!



Don’t be scared or intimidated by orange! Remember, start small or play around with paint palettes to see what color combinations inspire you. And if you’re ready to call in the professional, contact me for a consultation!



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