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5 Simple Ways to Add Summer to Every Room in Your Home

5 Simple Ways to Add Summer to Every Room in Your Home


Summer is the time of year when we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible! Even just sitting outside with a glass of wine, feeling an evening breeze and enjoying the fragrance of blooming flowers is a delight. However, we can’t spend all our time outdoors, so here are my favorite tips to easily bring the beauty of summer to each room in your home! 

Let the Sunlight In


Chase out the dim shadows of winter and fill your home with warm, golden sunlight. Take down the heavy draperies and overly fussy window treatments that block the sun, and replace them with sheer white curtains to let in a bounty of natural light. If you’re concerned about privacy, semi-sheer, white curtains are a great compromise as they let light in and keep your home private. You can also use Roman-style shades to pull down when you want to privacy in your room or to darken a room to keep it cooler. 

Swap Out Heavy Textiles


Weighty jacquard throw pillows, thick wool rugs, and heavy upholstery are great for winter, but in summer, it’s time to lighten up! We take off the layers of coats, sweaters, and heavy socks - think of this as lightening the layers in your house! Swap out that thick Persian rug for a natural Sisal or Jute rug, such as this gorgeous Gaston woven rug. Couches or chairs with heavy or formal upholstery can be lightened with linen or cotton throws or slipcovers, or consider a couch with clean lines and a neutral tone like this Grecia sofa that can be dressed up for all seasons.

In the bedroom, put away heavy bedding and dark comforters for a light, summer-weight quilt or duvet in a vibrant, vivid color or a clean white. Don’t forget your sheets, either - linen sheets and pillowcases provide a cool, comfortable night’s sleep while looking crisp and sophisticated. Not only will you sleep better in the hot weather, your room will feel light, airy, and perfect for summer!

Add Fresh Greenery, Produce, and Flowers Through the Home

From a bright bowl of citrus fruits on the dining room table to a blooming bouquet of hydrangeas on your nightstand, you can easily bring summer indoors with fresh plants, flowers, and even produce! Plants and flowers bring life into a home while cleansing the air and providing fresh fragrance, and any home can benefit from them!

Create a sophisticated feel with slim, white blossoms like calla lilies, orchids, or jasmine, or embrace bright cheerful colors with stargazer lilies, peonies, dahlias, and lantana. If you prefer simplicity, consider easy to care for houseplants like aloe, jade, or spider plants. 

Consider the feel of your home and your style when setting out your plants. If you have a minimal style and enjoy clean lines and neutral tones, a single bud vase with a calla lily can be striking or a clear container filled with bright yellow lemons can be a surprising centerpiece. Think about using slim, white blossoms like orchids, too, or if you prefer to make a statement with a larger plant, a large bonsai tree in a black or silver container could be an interesting piece. On the other hand, if you love a modern farmhouse vibe, antique watering cans, old coffee cans from an antique shop, or planters made of reclaimed wood are perfect while using stargazer lilies, peonies, dahlias, or lantana to fill them for bright, vibrant colors. 


Infuse Your Home with Summer Fragrances 



Each season has its own fragrances associated with it. Pine and cinnamon are perfect for winter while pumpkin and apple are reminiscent of fall. Summer evokes clean, bright smells. Think citrus fragrances like lemon, orange, or lime, or floral scents like jasmine, geranium, and lavender to use through your home. 

The key is to keep it light and fresh, though. You don’t want any fragrance to be overpowering or artificial-smelling and warm summer air only heightens scents. Think about an essential oil diffuser for natural, light fragrances to carry through the home or using candles made from natural ingredients. 

If you want true coordination, think about pairing your fragrance with your room. In your kitchen, citrus fragrances make the most sense, while in the bathroom, a fresh linen or seaside-scented candle provides a natural scent. Bedrooms and living rooms do well with soft, floral notes.

Invite Summer Palettes into Your Home


For a summery feel to any home, add summer colors throughout your spaces. When you’re trading out weighty bedding, dark pillows, and thick rugs and covering heavy upholstery with lighter fabrics, this is a great time to replace those things with summer colors or go with a summer theme in your home.

●     Beachy or Coastal: For a cool, laidback, soothing feel, add coastal colors such as seafoam, linen or sandy beige, or pale blues like this Lilianna pillow or natural woven basket.

●     Tropical: Think of rainbow sherbet and add bright pinks, tangerines, and lime green to your home like with this vibrant Carolina pillow.

●     Greek getaway: Picture yourself on a beach in Greece bathing in golden sunlight just steps from the cobalt blue Mediterranean Sea...Bring those colors indoors with the Serene and Lemon pillows.


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