How do you design your babies room so it looks amazing?
How do you design your babies room so it looks amazing?

How do you design your babies room so it looks amazing?

Treat the design of your child’s room like the ABC’s. Designing well has to be in a particular order.


Steps as follows:

  1. Write down the important functions you will need in the room.
  2. Measure your room.
  3. Take before photos of your room and include all walls and angles.
  4. Tape the furniture layout on the floor of the items like the crib, rocking chair, changing table and daybed.
  5. Then, gather inspirational images or just pin the ones I am posting.

First, take into consideration the functional needs that your babies room requires. Next, consider the aesthetics. These two elements will fight with each other and there will have to be a give and take of form verses function throughout your design process!


Remember that a new mom will be very tired and to me there are few musts haves that a room needs with a newborn.

One of the must haves is a safe and secure changing station. Make sure the changing table’s height is at your stance level that is safe for the baby when changing diapers and clothing.

Never turn your back to reach for anything without your hand on the child, so make sure there is room for everything you need to do this task.

Another functional element to consider is black out drapes that will help your baby know that it is time to sleep. Roman shades, drapes or both can be blacked out and still look great.


Here are a few floor plans and elevations as an example to help you that I pulled off of Pinterest.

An important babies room feature is a rocking chair or daybed to lay and nurse the baby.

If you can have both, that would be perfect and when you have grandma stay overnight to help, she has a place to sleep. This will be so worth your investment with all those exhausting nights of taking care of your baby.

rocking chair day bed your babies room interior

space lighting furniture design+your babies room interior design by tiffany

Try not to purchase anything, until you have all the items picked out and then lay them out on a table and study them.

When laying out all your images of furniture, pillows, rugs, see if where your items are placed brings aesthetic balance to that room. Ask yourself if there too many or two few patterns on one side of the room? These are questions the interior designer ask’s of themselves on all their projects.

When you feel good about your choices, then start to make all your purchases.


Wallpaper is one of the most impactful ways to make a babies room amazing! Put some thought into picking the right wallpaper. Don’t worry about that it might go out of style. It is an easy change without costing too much.

In fact wallpaper gives you more bang for your buck and brings such great pleasure. If you are stumped on where to start the color or style of your child’s room. Then let the wallpaper that you love, leads the way!

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